Why Outsource

Why outsource your accounts

Ask yourself the question “what business am I in?”


…and if it’s not bookkeeping or accounting or payroll then why not outsource your accounts function to us?


You’ll save time and money and be able to focus on what your business does best.


So, what business are you in? How can we help you?


Outsourcing substantially reduces operating costs and frees up resources. Your efficiency will increase and you can focus on your core business and increase profits.

Take a look at how outsourcing to our Virtual Accounts Office could benefit your business

Business Focus

Outsourcing accounting and payroll means that you can focus on your core business activities and skills – and hand over a non-core activity to trained specialists


You can also focus your employment budget on people who will be directly involved in what your business does and not on non-core activities

Reduce Employment Costs

Outsourcing eliminates recruitment costs – advertising, agencies, interviews


Saves costs and time of dealing with employee payroll & deductions


Cuts your Employer’s National Insurance contributions


Cuts your Employer’s Pension Contributions


Saves holiday & temp staff costs to cover absences


Cuts sick pay & sickness cover


Cuts out maternity / paternity leave costs


Eliminates non-productive employee time – breaks, training, lateness, etc


Eliminates the time & hidden costs of managing staff – appraisals, discipline, timekeeping, etc


Eliminates having to deal with employment legislation and liabilities, contracts of employment, etc

Reduce Overheads

Frees up office desk space and office facilities for better use


Outsourcing is totally flexible to deal with seasonal variations in workload or sudden changes. No wasted time in quiet periods, or need to pay overtime in busy periods


Eliminates the cost of accounting and payroll software, software licences, ongoing software support contracts, annual software upgrades, IT support, and data backup

Gain Confidentiality and Security

Outsourcing keeps your business affairs confidential, away from directly employed staff. Sensitive information like turnover, profit, loans, and personal expenditure can be kept out of sight of employees


Eliminates the risk of fraud or theft. One of the biggest recurring business risks is fraud and theft by employees in positions of trust.  By the time a business discovers it has become a victim of employee fraud the losses may be severely damaging.  Outsourcing provides secure controls that give you protection

Other Benefits – Peace of Mind

You gain access to a professional qualified team , from Bookkeepers to Chartered Accountants at a lower cost than directly employing someone (unless you pay less than the minimum rate)


Everything is done on time – every time. Peace of mind


Banks, lenders and HMRC have greater trust in accounts that are prepared and managed independently by a qualified accountants


Outsourcing helps to reduce your carbon footprint by using an existing resource (ourselves) and by eliminating your footprint related to powering a workstation, employee consumption of energy and resources, employee travel


We can act on your behalf as independent professionals when dealing with HMRC. So, if you have VAT or tax challenges, or any other issues that need an experienced touch, we’ll be pleased to assist – and you can focus on your business


We provide Total Business Support – nothing is too much trouble

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