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Domestic Reverse Charge VAT for the construction industry
From 1 March 2021 the introduction of the Domestic Reverse Charge VAT legislation has significantly changed the way in which VAT is accounted for in the construction industry.
Why doesn’t the UK tax year start on 1 January?
There is little about tax that is intuitive and modern, including the date our tax year starts - 6 April. We have our ancestors to thank for that. Our tax year dates originate from when people in England were required to pay rent to......
VAT Special Schemes Guide
We have already covered the topic of VAT in our complete VAT guide as well as VAT registration & deregistration thresholds. However, there are some special VAT schemes that apply to certain business industries and include different......
Postponed VAT Accounting: How does it work?
On the 1st of January 2021, the UK officially became independent from the European Union and all the new post-Brexit measures came into effect. Brexit has brought certain changes that impact citizens as well as the way companies do......
Do I need to register for VAT - The complete guide
If you're unsure whether you should be registered for VAT we've put together this handy guide to help you.
VAT Registration & Deregistration Thresholds
Thresholds from January 2021   Registration threshold £85,000 Registration for distance selling into Northern Ireland £70,000 Registration for bringing goods into Northern Ireland from the EU £85,000 De-registration threshold
How Brexit will affect international trade
On the 1st of January 2021, the UK is officially leaving the European Union. Where Brexit stands now, it seems like the possibility of a no-deal leave is getting bigger by day. This is bringing a lot of uncertainty, since no one knows......
Guide to choosing the right VAT scheme for your business
VAT is a complex area. With six different VAT schemes available, how you go about reclaiming VAT, and keeping your accounts in order, can be confusing – especially for new business owners.
Do I need an EORI number? Doing business with the EU after Brexit
With Britain’s impending exit from the EU still looming on the horizon, the government has launched a £100M campaign urging businesses to ensure they’re ready for life outside of the bloc – in particular, to prepare for the event of a......