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8 Benefits of hiring freelancers for your business
The Gig Economy is growing every year and currently self-employed people represent almost 15% of the UK’s overall workforce. This has been a rapidly growing trend not only in the UK but globally too. With freelancing becoming a fairly......
Accountants: A cost or an investment?
Maximising profits is one of the main goals for every company and so it’s natural that business owners tend to be very strict with the money that is going out of the business. However, some expenses are unavoidable, so the key is to manage......
How much does it really cost to employ someone? [+FREE Calculator]
At first, it might seem like a simple question to answer.  If you've decided how much to pay your new employee it should be pretty straightforward to work out the hourly rate or the annual salary... and bingo!
Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
Once your business starts growing, you simply need a professional who can manage your accounting and bookkeeping. Every business owner has to decide whether they want to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to work in-house or engage an......
7 Signs you need an accountant
Running your business without an accountant is perfectly feasible and many startups or self-employed people choose to handle their accounts themselves. But, although it might seem like a smart choice for businesses that think they cannot......
Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
Do you know what the difference between bookkeeping and accounting is, or if there’s any difference at all?  If you don’t, you’re not alone.
How do I choose an accountant?
Once your company starts growing, it’s best not to try and manage the accounts yourself as you will be spending your time doing something you’re not trained to do and isn’t revenue-generating. 
How outsourcing can create a smarter business
Every business owner should ask themselves these two important questions: