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How much does it really cost to employ someone? [+FREE Calculator]
At first, it might seem like a simple question to answer.  If you've decided how much to pay your new employee it should be pretty straightforward to work out the hourly rate or the annual salary... and bingo!
Returning Employees from Furlough: What It Means for Your Payroll
The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has been absolutely devastating to businesses and people across the UK, with hundreds of jobs lost and companies that have gone into liquidation. In order to support them, the government has introduced......
The impact of Brexit on UK and EU citizens
The UK is leaving the European Union on the 1st of January 2021, leaving us just under a month to do the final preparations needed for a no-deal Brexit. 
What is the National Living Wage
The National Living Wage is the obligatory minimum wage that employers have to pay to workers in the UK, aged over 25 years. This law has not been around for long, as it only came into effect on 1st of April 2016, adding to the National......
How to recognise mental health issues amongst your staff (10 warning signs)
Here at ASfB, we truly value the well-being and mental fitness of our employees and so we would like to also spread awareness to our clients. This article includes some information on how to recognise and help someone with mental health......
Employee Engagement - The Ultimate Guide for a Good Leader
Your employees are the foundation of your business and keeping them engaged is one of the most important factors for success. You want your workers to be truly interested in the business and have pride in what they do. Likewise, you......
How outsourcing can create a smarter business
Every business owner should ask themselves these two important questions: 
Is your business ready for the Good Work Plan?
While you may have not yet heard of the Good Work Plan, you will likely be affected by it along  with almost every business in the UK. As the new Government  policies are set to take into force on the 6th of April 2020, here is......