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Why you should file your annual Self-Assessment Tax Return early
If you’re one of the many UK taxpayers in regular employment you probably don’t need to worry about completing an annual Self-Assessment Tax Return.  Your income tax will be automatically deducted each pay day, together with National......
The importance of cash-flow forecasting
Cash-flow forecasting is something that every business should have at all times and not just during a crisis. Though, a major crisis, such as a market disruption or a global health pandemic is when a cash-flow forecast is needed the......
Sole Trader / Partnership v Limited Company
Thinking of setting up a new business?  Unsure whether to register as a limited company, or operate as a sole trader or partnership?
Bookkeeper or accountant? What's right for your business?
What's right for your business - a Bookkeeper or an Accountant - or both?  And how do they differ?If you're not sure, then this explanation should help you understand the differences between the two functions.