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Bookkeeping for Small Businesses
Do you know what the difference between bookkeeping and accounting is, or if there’s any difference at all?  If you don’t, you’re not alone.
Demystifying your Balance Sheet
Do you truly understand what your Balance Sheet tells about your business? Your Balance Sheet is one of the most important financial reports that measures the health of your company and helps you make some crucial business decisions.......
How do I choose an accountant?
Once your company starts growing, it’s best not to try and manage the accounts yourself as you will be spending your time doing something you’re not trained to do and isn’t revenue-generating. 
Why you should file your annual Self-Assessment Tax Return early
If you’re one of the many UK taxpayers in regular employment you probably don’t need to worry about completing an annual Self-Assessment Tax Return.  Your income tax will be automatically deducted each pay day, together with National......
The importance of cash-flow forecasting
Cash-flow forecasting is something that every business should have at all times and not just during a crisis. Though, a major crisis, such as a market disruption or a global health pandemic is when a cash-flow forecast is needed the......
Fraud - Is your business at risk?
Fraud is a significant risk for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It’s not just something you hear in the news about a large corporation - it could be happening right under your nose in your small family business. You wouldn’t expect......
Bookkeeper or accountant? What's right for your business?
What's right for your business - a Bookkeeper or an Accountant - or both?  And how do they differ?If you're not sure, then this explanation should help you understand the differences between the two functions.