Discount Calculators


These calculators show discounted prices for trade customers depending on their category


The figures shown are for illustration


Replace the figures in the clear cells with your own.  The calculated results are shown in the shaded cells.


Start by entering in the VAT rate and the trade discounts


Then enter the retail price for each line item


The ex VAT price is then shown, together with the trade discounts


Only change the unshaded cells (VAT, Dealer Discount, Distributor Discount, Key Account Discount, Product and Retail price)


Each trade discount is a percentage discount based on the previous price (ie Key Acount is 25% of Distributor)


Refresh your browser to clear the data and start again.


The results cannot be saved, but a copy of the spreadsheet in Excel can be downloaded and saved by selecting the download link

Please allow a few seconds for the calculators to loadDownload calculator


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Discount Calculator - Non Cumulative

Discount Calculator - Cumulative