Bonita Wood | FCPA

Managing Director

I have a background in finance related roles with blue chip corporates in Cape Town and London and I’m a member of the Certified Public Accountants Association.


I founded ASfB in 2002 having identified a need for small to medium sized businesses to have access to an outsourced accounts office service that could provide a higher quality accountancy service more competitively than employing part time or full time staff.


I have close relationships with many of our clients and I am able to advise pragmatically, especially in challenging circumstances.


My key role is to lead the strategic development of ASfB and ensure that we are ‘ahead of the game’ at all times with the continual changes in legislation and the rapid advances in technology in accountancy.


Outside of business I enjoy/suffer a regular demanding workout with my trainer. I have a passion for travel, and a diverse range of interests including contemporary art, music, poetry, fashion and international politics.