Total Back Office Support

Total Back Office Support is a key part of what makes us different.

Quite simply, we'll integrate seamlessly as an extension to your business to provide a virtual accounts office readily available whenever you need us.

We’ll take responsibility for all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting, and we can manage your payroll. So you’ll be free to focus all your resources on what your business does best.

If you need to query an invoice, talk about a payment that needs to be made, or ask about holiday entitlement for an employee, then we’re available immediately. Just phone, email, or fax us and we’ll deal with your query straight away.

Need to phone and share an opinion about a business challenge…… we’re right there to help. We have the skills and knowledge you can rely on. And you can talk to us about confidential matters that you wouldn’t want to discuss with employees.

If your customers or suppliers need accounts queries to be dealt with then we can deal with them as if we were part of your business.

As your own “back office” we’ll provide you with total business support, just as if we are part of your business. Doesn’t that sound like the service you need?

Why does it matter?

It makes what we do much more effective for you.

You can focus your attention and business resources on what you do, knowing that the accounting, bookkeeping and payroll is dealt with professionally just when you need.

You can ensure everyone you employ is involved directly in what your business does, and not in administering accounts, VAT, management reports, Tax Returns, and all the other non-profit making tasks.

We do everything at our offices, freeing up your resources and space. And you gain access to a higher level of resource and skills at a lower cost.

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Where We Work

Tayfield House
38, Poole Road
Dorset, BH4 9DW

  • Tel: 01202 755600
  • Fax: 01202 755744
  • Email:

Member of the Certified
Public Accountants
Association  (CPAA)

Additional Services

  • Budget planning & cashflows
  • VAT & Inland Revenue enquiries
  • Bank & investor financial reports
  • Property portfolio management
  • Representation at meetings with:
    • VAT
    • Inland Revenue
    • Local Authorities
    • Government Agencies
    • Banks

Business Sector Expertise

  • Building & construction
  • Charities
  • Conference & entertainment
  • Fast food
  • Hotels & hospitality
  • Housing associations
  • Legal & professional
  • Manufacturing
  • Property management
  • Rest homes
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Tradesmen